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Route optimization

In today's business landscape, companies are facing significant challenges due to rising costs of drivers, fuel, and tolls, as well as stricter regulations on driving times. As a result, efficient vehicle routing has become a crucial aspect for many organizations. To ensure the successful achievement of various goals, it is imperative to rely on high-quality route planning. Legal requirements must be carefully considered during the planning phase and strictly adhered to thereafter. Moreover, minimizing the costs associated with planning and operating routes is essential. This is where the TransIT route planning system comes in. Developed by GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH and exclusively distributed in the Central European region by Optasoft Kft, it serves as a dedicated solution to address these specific challenges. 

The following results can be achieved with TransIT:  

•    reduced shipping costs  

•    reduced design costs 
•    increased accuracy and precision 
•    improved visibility 
•    more effective management and control 
•    development and simplification of workflow  

How does it work in practice?

With the assistance of TransIT, businesses gain access to various planning methods. Firstly, there is a fully automated optimization feature that leverages modern optimization procedures. This powerful capability considers complex cost functions, practical constraints, and the relevance of multiple constraints. These constraints include order time windows, multidimensional and customizable capacities (such as load meters, pallet storage locations, volume, weight), simultaneous pickup and delivery, multiple warehouses, driving time regulations, and numerous other restrictions. Planners and dispatchers have the flexibility to manually modify optimized plans or receive optimization suggestions in a semi-automatic mode. Alternatively, they can opt for complete manual order management. TransIT provides these functionalities not only during the pre-planning phase but also in real-time scenarios when unforeseen events, like new orders, traffic congestion, or extended vehicle downtimes, necessitate adjustments to the plans. 

Regardless of the chosen approach, TransIT substantially reduces design costs and delivers significantly improved design outcomes compared to simple manual processes. This is accomplished through enhanced process visibility, utilization of flexible optimization procedures, and real-time access to comprehensive design information. 


In our experience the planning processes of different companies have many common features, but in most cases, there are distinguishing characteristics in each process. Most of the standard systems available on the market are not able to adequately represent such business processes. Therefore, we tailor TransIT to the specific design criteria of the company - not the other way around. We implement such customization of TransIT in a short time and at a low cost because we use a wide range of software components that often require services. This base is continuously extended by new services, such as interfaces or optimization algorithms. 



GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH and Optasoft Kft. have extensive experience in the development of driver management and scheduling software. We can draw on our deep knowledge of business processes and fundamental constraints, which are of great practical relevance. We offer extensive experience in the field of optimization, and the optimization systems we develop and implement are based on the latest scientific results in operational research. 



The vehicle routing and scheduling systems are developed by GTS Systems Consulting GmbH and Optasoft Kft for large companies such as Deutsche Post DHL and Kaindl. Most of these systems are distributed over 50 sites and used by more than 1000 users. Small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from using vehicle control and scheduling software, as even for small orders, manual setup can easily lead to suboptimal solutions. 


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