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Project title

Industry 4.0 Creating a logistics audit and production optimization application to increase the productivity and crisis resistance of companies

Implementation of the project

Start of project implementation: 15.02.2021.

Deadline for the physical completion of the project: 14/02/2023.

The amount of the received support: HUF 12,207,552

The total cost of the project: HUF 20,345,920

Project identification number: 2020-1.1.1-KKV START

The purpose of the project

The goal of the project was to develop an online application with which Hungarian manufacturing SMEs can independently, simply and quickly carry out logistics self-audits and Industry 4.0 logistics planning. It enables them to review their supply network, service network and production system.  

The self-audit and planning capabilities of the online application - named LogAudit - are based on the so-called internal benchmark method (mathematical determination of the limit curves of the logistics system, thereby determining the optimal operating parameters), following which the minimum operating costs can be achieved.  

With the help of the application, the maximum achievable efficiency can be recognized, and it simply and quickly provides information on how to optimally organize the operation of a production company.  

The online application has functions such as determining the optimal buffers, inventory calculation, MRP calculation and creating a purchasing plan, forecast and demand plan, optimal batch size and production plan, optimal service and delivery planning, cash flow modeling. With these functions, the most important function of advanced production planning and advanced planning system (APS), which is unaffordable for Hungarian SMEs, becomes available at an affordable price.  

The first available function of the application is the demand service module, with which SMEs can plan an optimal delivery route with up to an unlimited number of addresses 

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