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Data and Modeling Service

In conventional supply chain operations, the process of network design and redesign used to span several months. However, as we navigate the third decade of the twenty-first century, the demand for expeditious decision-making has become paramount. Critical impacts now unfold within hours, reshaping established knowledge and necessitating novel perspectives for network transformation. One effective solution to this challenge lies in the timely creation of your company's digital twin, leveraging a comprehensive understanding of processes.

The digital twin empowers you to analyze past and anticipated effects swiftly, scrutinize various scenarios, and enhance overall flexibility and resilience in the face of crises. Facilitating this transformative journey is AIMMS SC Navigator, a tool through which our adept modelers efficiently translate your real-world supply chain dynamics into a digital twin. This is seamlessly integrated into our Data and Modeling Service, expediting the preparation of rapid decisions for a more agile and responsive supply chain management.

Does the optimization of your company's supply chain network impose an extremely heavy burden on you?

Did you experience the feeling when you can't decide which aspect of the supply chain to bite into during planning or redesign?

You want to take all factors into consideration because...

... you are seeking answers to new business questions in a dynamic market environment, or

... business priorities have changed, or

... you aim to minimize costs and increase profit, or

... you want to reduce risks, manage uncertainties, and swiftly recover after a challenging business year, or

... you aspire to ensure a more sustainable operation and achieve the CO2 goals, or

... you genuinely want to make optimal decisions at last.

Identify possible business risks and opportunities with the help of our experts!

Business Meeting

It would be fantastic to finally feel relieved, wouldn't it?

Data and Modeling Service is a complex service package with which we provide solutions for several problems at once.

  • At first, we set up a team of experts for your service,

  • through a collaborative partnership with you, we gain a deep understanding of the business challenge,

  • we set up the model of your business problem,

  • by leveraging the AIMMS SC Navigator software solution, we assist you in data refinement and conduct scenario analyses using your current dataset,

  • we run the initial models until you require them and until you establish internal capabilities for a seamless transition, including handover and training,

  • we remain dedicated to offering continuous support whenever you require it. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at your convenience.

What can you anticipate throughout our collaboration?

If you and the company's management opt to engage the Optasoft team in addressing the most critical challenges impacting the company, you can anticipate that:

- You will actively join an agile project alongside your colleagues,
- weekly meetings will be conducted to discuss progress and updates from both sides,
- a co-creation process will be established, ensuring close collaboration with your team,
- Optasoft will engage in modeling tasks as long as necessary, aligning with your requirements,
- comprehensive training will be provided to designated employees, covering both software usage and the associated methodology.

Our professional partner

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Data Processing

Kindly request a callback today, allowing us to initiate our collaboration at the earliest convenience!

Az alábbiakban kérjük adja meg a legfontosabb adatokat, és mi egy munkanapon belül felvesszük önnel a kapcsolatot!

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