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Bespoken optimization projects

Many models and best practices are known for optimizing supply chains. However, as customer needs change, there is no ready-made solution for every problem that arises. Certain processes unique to your business require a customized model. Our team of mathematicians and engineers is well-equipped to handle these cases, leveraging their expertise to provide tailored solutions for your individual business challenges. 

If this description resonates with your situation, we invite you to sit down with our colleagues for a conversation!

Imagine a world where you can: 

  • Manage the entire supply chain seamlessly, from suppliers to customers. 

  • Gain a real-time, reliable picture of your business, enabling better decision-making. 

  • Evaluate the potential business impact of different scenarios in advance. 

  • React quickly and effectively to unexpected events in the supply chain. 

  • Maximize your profits and enhance customer satisfaction. 

  • Improve the overall reliability of your enterprise's performance. 

  • Review and optimize your entire supply chain, including all your factories. 

  • Efficiently rearrange your schedule when unexpected events occur. 

  • Optimize orders, inventory levels, capacity, and maintenance for improved efficiency. 

  • Enhance turnaround times and ensure reliable customer service. 

Network optimization

Our client, operating in the FMCG sector, faced challenges due to increasing fuel costs and a rapidly evolving market. With a nationwide sales network, they made the strategic decision to centralize route planning for their representatives. This allowed representatives to allocate more time to customers while reducing travel costs. 

The implemented solution involved a two-level design approach. At the tactical level, we optimized client-representative pairings to achieve the desired visit frequency. At the operational level, our team at Optasoft calculated the optimal daily route plans for visiting each customer based on the annual visit plan. 

The design and implementation at both levels were undertaken by our experienced team at Optasoft.

Inventory optimization

A large logistics service company approached our team with challenges in inventory optimization. The company struggled with high inventory levels, low turnover, and rising costs. Our team of experts conducted a detailed analysis of the company's inventory management processes and requirements. Through the implementation of advanced optimization methods, we developed efficient ordering and storage strategies tailored to their needs. 

By utilizing these optimization methods, the logistics company achieved a significant reduction in inventory levels, optimized their storage areas, and experienced improved efficiency in their operations. 

Our analysis and implementation process addressed the specific challenges faced by the company, resulting in tangible benefits and enhanced overall performance.

Production scheduling

Our client is a global leader in the production of drug-eluting stents, one of the world's leading medical device manufacturers. The primary objectives of our project with them were to reduce production order delays and minimize solvent waste. These improvements were crucial for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring timely delivery of their life-saving medical devices. 

To achieve these goals, our team seamlessly integrated a comprehensive production scheduling software into the company's existing execution system (Rapid Response) and other systems. This software empowered the client to optimize production scheduling, improve resource utilization, and streamline their manufacturing processes. 

Throughout the project, we diligently collected data and built robust models tailored to their specific requirements. By the conclusion of our collaboration, the client's stakeholders gained the necessary knowledge and capabilities to independently implement internal support processes for efficient scheduling. 

The successful implementation of the production scheduling software and associated support processes marked a significant milestone for our client, enabling them to overcome production order delays, minimize solvent waste, and achieve greater operational excellence.

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