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Let's optimise your supply chain

Optimization is our passion

Founders of Optasoft always had a strong value map, which lead their decisions over the years. Optasoft started with an enthusiastic research group with a large international knowledge background and the will of helping companies making better decisions through mathematical optimization. These people in 2004 decided to show there are other ways of making a living than just seeking for money, and they build a strong community, with great supply chain, mathematical and engineering knowledge, by gathering talents with the same mission.

Optasoft provides development and consultancy services in the field of supply chain. Our consultants and developers are service-minded, with good communication skills, working agile to be a stable point in a changing environment for companies who wants improvement in their processes, maximizing their profits and make their employees' work life better. We always team-up with our customers, empowering co-creation and transparency, because customers’ success is our happiness.


We are proud of our diverse team, with special skills and talents, and we are here to untangle complex situations, to a set of simple challenges.

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Operation areas

We offer our services and products at the border of business consulting, mathematical modeling and IT. We uniquely combine professional knowledge and technological innovations to provide our customers with efficient and result-oriented solutions in the field of supply chain optimization.

"Optasoft team with AIMMS technology truly enables us to answer business questions and visualize the implications in the real life settings. It becomes our go-to place whenever we have a need in network design."

Ying Wang, ICU Medical

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