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How ChatGPT revolutionize supply chain network design?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Supply Chain Media in collaboration with AIMMS organised a webinar about ChatGPT's relevance in supply chain network desing. During the webinar the specialists showed how AI can be used to identify disruptions and analyse their impact.

Zoltán Lelkes from Optasoft, Zoë Kokje Schouten from AIMMS and Akhil Srivastava from AB InBev were talking about their experiences with AI and the newest results.

The recent webinar, organized by Supply Chain Media in collaboration with AIMMS, highlighted the revolutionary impact of ChatGPT in supply chain network design. The webinar showcased how AI can efficiently identify disruptions and assess their implications. AIMMS demonstrated their AI-powered tool, which gathers data about a company's operations, analyzes potential developments, and uses ChatGPT to explain the impact of disruptions in a user-friendly manner.

Zoltan Lelkes from Optasoft, along with Zoë Kokje Schouten from AIMMS and Akhil Srivastava from AB InBev, shared their experiences with AI and the latest results. AIMMS' prototype AI tool, Sensai, leverages GPT-4 to predict and visualize network behavior, facilitating proactive decision-making for resilient supply chains. AB InBev is already benefiting from AIMMS' AI tools, enabling quick responses to disruptions, cost savings, and improved customer experiences.

[Optasoft's Thoughts]

We, at Optasoft, are excited to see the impact of ChatGPT and AI in the supply chain domain. Our collaboration with AIMMS in developing Sensai demonstrates the potential to transform supply chain network design from reactive to proactive. Integrating AI not only saves time but also opens up new opportunities for businesses to uncover market potentials. As we continue refining Sensai, we look forward to empowering more companies to achieve agile and resilient supply chains through AI-driven strategies.

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