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altHave you ever considered that even with best organized processes there are still reserves in your company? Do you know how much profit you can make/get out of unexploited resources that can add up to 30 per cent?

Would it make any difference for your enterprise if your resources in logistics/transportation and production were utilized the most effectively? We show you how to increase profit without increasing the price and how to make your company safer and more effective at the same time.

The method we offer is unique. It provides solutions to a successful optimization of production, logistics, resources or transportation based on reliable mathematical calculations using client-specific parameters. 

For Managers

In your business you have to make countless decisions day by day about matters from production through transportation to storage.

opta00023What is the chance that you and your workmates make the best decision? Facts show that this number is very small.

How would it be possible to multiply this very small percentage though so that, with high probability, the best decision is made?

Well, there is a system which enhances optimum decisions.

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For Production Managers


Are you expected to make the best decisions although you do not have the appropriate means for it? Do you have to solve the most important matters such as the problems of often unreliable forecasts, of often changing orders or of products dusting in the storehouse?

Optasoft helps you with a unique and custom-tailored software to coordinate production in a way which is the fastest and the most cost-effective.


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For IT persons

Your IT devices surely show what you have, how much you have and where you have them exactly; still, it is very difficult to plan precisely how much you need from certain products to satisfy your clients’ needs – with the lowest costs and without delays

Learn about a solution which, using all given information and data, outlines all the possibilities and shows the best solution to achieve the biggest profit for your business. Our method unites the tasks of modelling programs, spreadsheets, different programming languages, database systems and management devices

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Logistics optimization 


Route-optimization? Line planning? TransIT is a successfully applied software. Besides planning functions it contains several webbased fuctions, too. For instance, routes planned by this software can be directly exported to a navigation device or the vehicles’ actual GPS coordinates can be followed in real time on the same user interface.

With this software you can facilitate your transportation tasks and it can be effective in fuel and medicine deliveries.

Using TransIT reduces your costs. Besides the improvement of planning quality, a higher assignment volume can be accomplished, plus the system’s costs return within a short period.

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Optimization for production companies


How can you reduce your company’s costs and enlarge the production and selling volume at the same time? Would you like to make sure that your company can use its production capacity and possibilities at a maximum?

Finding the optimal situations and costs means advantage at the market since its results are higher profits without higher prices. You need an optimization plan to find the optimal decision. Here our unique professional team can be at use.

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